What happened to the Music?

Are you a Google Chrome user? Google happened.

Google thought it would be a good idea to disable Autoplay on Websites by default.

It in itself is not a bad idea, but the way it was done was absolute crap.

Seriously, who came up with just disabling AutoPlay completely without a prompt?

Atleast that way, I wouldn't have to yet again add some other crap to make shit work with another browser.

What's so hard about adding a prompt if you want audio to play on a website or not?

Chrome prompts you about literally everything.

Hey, make me the default browser!

Hey, do you wanna save that password?

Hey, do you want this website to have access to your camera?

Hey, do you want this website to listen to your microphone?

Hey, do you wanna install this extension or did you misclick?

So, how about you ask if that website should play audio or not, hmm?

I know that Google wanted to disable AutoPlay because of annoying news sites that tend to force crappy videos down your throat,

just so they can get more of that sweet sweet ad money, but seriously?

Ugh, what is it with developers adding features that break everything lately?

(Looking at you, Valve and your weird-ass privacy settings that make no sense to me)

So how do I fix this crap?

The option for this is hidden quite well (as it should NOT be).

So just paste chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into your title bar and hit Enter (duh).

Now select "No user gesture is required.", as seen here.

Now wait until that bloatware crap of a browser restarts.


I made this page in frustration in 5 minutes, don't fucking mention my shitty line breaks.


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